Cost Control Using Earned Value & Primavera(Arabic)

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Cost Control Using Earned Value & Primavera(Arabic)

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شرح وتعريف مفصّل بطريقة بسيطة من المستوى المُبتدأ مروراً بتطبيق عملي للوصول لمستوى متقدم مع إخراج تقارير عن تجربة عملية

Course Description

كورس Projects Cost Control بأستخدام أشهر طريقة وهي الـ Earned Value Management ,

بدأً من المستوى المبتدئ تماماً , مع شرح مفصّل بطريقة مبسطة وعملية لمعنى ومفهوم Earned Value Management وكيفية حسابها سواءً بأستخدام بريمافيرا أو المعادلات وماهي أفضلها لطبيعة نوع المشروع, p>




الشرح بناءً على خبرة عملية في أرض الواقع و المشاريع وسيتم رفع وشرح نفس التقارير التي أتعامل بها بشكل يومي أو أسبوعي في عملي.




What are the requirements for this course?

Primavera P6 & Excel Background, Also Installed And Working.

Interested To Know About Cost Controlling By Earned Value Management.

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1 Lectures 00:01:48
Course Intro.

1 Intro For Cost Control Course
4 Lectures 01:21:39
Introduction To Cost Control Field Using EVM & P6.

General Definitions And Explaining What Does The Terms And Short Cuts Stands For.

1 What Dose It Mean Project Cost Control ?
2 What Is Earned Value Management And How It Works I...
3 Terms And Definitions Of EVM Parameters.-1
4 Terms And Definitions Of EVM Parameters.-2 ( Forec...
7 Lectures 01:53:38
Main Cost Controlling And Reporting Lectures.

How To Collect, Input, Analyzing And Apply Cost Control In Real Construction Field.

1 Planned Value ( Equations And How To Define It )
2 Earned Value ( Equations And How To Define It )
3 Actual Cost ( Equations And How To Define It ).
4 Schedule Performance Index ( SPI ) And Schedule Va...
5 Cost Performance Index ( CPI ) And Cost Variance.
6 Budget Estimate At Completion ( EAC ) And Variance...
7 Estimate To Complete ( ETC ) And To Complete Perfo...
2 Lectures 00:43:17
Generating Cost Control Reports.

Attaching 2 Types Of Cost Control Sheets Using Earned Value Management. And Explain How To Use Them In The Real Project Fields.

1 Using EVM Report And How It Works ( Attached The E...
2 Forecasting EVM Report And Daily Cost Control Repo...

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Ahmed Mohammed Ishaq Khalifa

Abdalbaeth Zalat

good course I recommended

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Khalid Hamid Hassan Moustafa

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