PMI_PBA Business analysis Course_36 hr_Arabic & English

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PMI_PBA Business analysis Course_36 hr_Arabic & English

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Business analysis course .

Course Description

Dear friends,

Welcome to my course in business analysis, where I will explain all business analysis processes, tools, and techniques in full details and focus on keywords from lessons learned which were written by our successful trainees.

You will find all you need to understand business analysis and to pass PMI_PBA final exam.

Finally, I hope to help you be one of the international professional business analysts because you deserve that and m

ore, so do your best and enjoy it.

Best wishes.

What are the requirements for this course?

Just you have the inspiration to be a business analyst.

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13 Lectures 03:10:30
Business analysis introduction

They will have a good knowledge about business analysis key concepts and definitions

1 introduction_1_course introduction
2 introduction_2_course objectives and contents
3 introduction_3_BA skills and who will attend our c...
4 introduction_4_Business analysis benefits and it's...
5 Introduction_5_Business value
6 introduction_6_requirements types
7 introduction_7_solution ,product and project .
8 Program ,project ,portfolio and business analysis
9 introduction _9_business analysis processes and kn...
10 introduction_10_Business analysis tailoring
11 introduction _11_part two EEF &OPA
12 Introduction_12_B A challenge and sphere of influe...
13 introduction _13_Business analyst skills
Quiz Introduction quiz
12 Lectures 03:59:25
Need assessment

They will able to use need assessment tools and techniques also how to assemble business case

1 NA_1_NA introduction
2 NA_2_Tailoring consideration &agile and predictive
3 NA_3_Identify problems or opportunity ITTO
4 NA_4_Assess current state inputs
5 NA_5_Asses current state tools and techniques .
6 NA_6_Determine future state ITTO
7 NA_7_Feasibility study introduction
8 NA_8_Determine viable options ITTO
9 NA_9_Product road map ITTO
10 NA_10_Assemble business case ITTO
11 NA_11_Support project charter introduction
12 NA_12_Support project charter ITTO
Quiz NA quiz
9 Lectures 03:15:44
Stakeholders engagement "planning "

They will able to use need assessment tools and techniques identify stakeholders and plan for business analysis tasks

1 Stakeholders_6_Business analysis planning introduc...
2 Stakholders_7_B A planning ITTO
3 Stakeholders_8_Prepare for transition to future st...
4 Stakeholders_9_Asses business analysis performance...
5 Stakeholders _1_Stakeholders introduction
6 Stakeholders_2_identify stakeholders
7 Stakeholders_3_Conduct stakeholders analysis
8 Stakeholders _4_Stakeholders engagement and commun...
9 Stakeholders_5_Manage stakeholders ITTO
Quiz Stakeholders quiz
8 Lectures 02:36:09

They will able to use elicitation tools and techniques

1 Elicitation_1_introduction
2 Elicitation _2_Elicitation approach
3 Elicitation_3_prepare for elicitation introduction
4 Elicitation _4_Prepare for elicitation ITTO
5 Elicitation _5_Conduct elicitation introduction
6 Elicitation _6_conduct elicitation part one .
7 Elicitation _7_Conduct elicitation part two
8 Elicitation_8_Confirm elicitation
Quiz Elicitation quiz
18 Lectures 06:04:13

This domain includes how to use models for requirements analysis and how to verify ,validate and prioritize them

1 Analysis_1_introduction
2 Analysis_2_analysis approach introduction
3 Analysis_3_analysis approach ITTO
4 Analysis_4_analyze models introduction
5 Analysis_5_Create and analyze models ,ITTO_1
6 Analysis_6_Create and analyze ,ITTO_2
7 Analysis_7_Create models ITTO_3
8 Analysis_8_Define and elaborate requirements
9 Analysis_9_Define and elaborate requirements ITTO
10 Analysis _Define acceptance criteria .
11 Analysis_11_Define acceptance criteria ITTO
12 Analysis_12_verify requirements process
13 Analysis_13_validate requirements
14 Analysis_14_Prioritize requirements introduction .
15 Analysis_15_Prioritization Tools and outputs .
16 Analysis_16_identify and analyze risks introductio...
17 Analysis_17_identify and analyze risks ITTO.
18 Analysis_18_determine viable options ITTO
Quiz Analysis quiz
9 Lectures 02:38:54
Traceability and Monitoring

You will learn how to approve the requirements ,how to manage changes and monitor the implementation of business analysis work

1 Traceability _1_introduction
2 Traceability _2_Traceability approach
3 Traceability _ 3_Establish relationship between re...
4 Traceability_4_Establish relationship between requ...
5 Traceability_5_Select and approve requirements int...
6 Traceability_6_Select and approve requirements ITT...
7 Traceability_7_Manage changes _introduction_1
8 Traceability_8_Manage changes introduction_2
9 Traceability_9_Manage changes ITTO
Quiz Traceability quiz
8 Lectures 02:33:23
Solution evaluation

In this section ,you will know how to evaluate your solution during and after implementation

1 Evaluation _1_Introduction
2 Evaluation _2_Solution evaluation approach Introdu...
3 Evaluation _3_Solution evaluation ITTO.
4 Evaluation _4_Evaluate acceptance criteria and add...
5 Evaluation _5_Evaluate acceptance criteria results...
6 Evaluation _6_Evaluate solution performance introd...
7 Evaluation _7_Evaluate solution performance ITTO
8 Evaluation _8_Solution release ITTO
Quiz Evaluation quiz
2 Lectures 00:27:14
Additional explanation

You will have a summary about BA documents and abbreviations

1 Conclusion of business analysis documents
2 Business analysis abbreviations
10 Lectures 05:19:15
Summary of B A based on standard

You will a summary of all business analysis steps based on standard .

1 Introduction summary
2 Need assessment based on standard_part one
3 Need assessment summary _part one
4 Business analysis planning based on standard_part...
5 Business analysis planning summary based on standa...
6 Elicitation summary based on standard
7 Analysis based on standard _1
8 Analysis summary based on standard _2
9 Traceability summary based on standard
10 Evaluation summary based on standard
4 Lectures 00:57:17
Business analysis tasks "Exam outline contents "

Business analysis tasks

1 Need assessment tasks
2 Analysis and Elicitation tasks
3 Traceability and Evaluation tasks
4 Knowledge skills and tools
Quiz B A tasks quiz
7 Lectures 01:15:44
Business analysis workshops and templates

You will have a review about some business analysis templates

1 Situation statement in Arabic
2 Business need in Arabic
3 Business case
4 Capability table and Capability framework
5 Feasibility study
6 Cause and effect diagram
7 Business plan
7 Lectures 01:12:29
Keywords and flowcharts of knowledge areas

You will all keywords and flowcharts

1 Need assessment keywords and flowcharts
2 Need assessment key words and flowcharts_2
3 Stakeholders flow charts
4 Stakeholders keywords
5 Elicitation key words
6 Analysis flowcharts
7 Analysis key words
3 Lectures 00:53:24
PMI_PBA application step by step

You will know all steps about how to register for PMI_PBA

1 PMI_PBA step by step
2 Lessons learned from successful trainees
3 study plan

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