Project Control

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Project Control

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Project Control

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This course clarifies the main functions such as the master schedule, baseline development, revised and recovery plans, and setting metrics / KPIs. In addition, there is a detailed illustration for earned value management with examples for drawing the S-Curve. Moreover, it clarifies the control process for IPCs & VOs (details and summary sheets) and the archiving process. Moreover, it shows the development of daily and monthly reports.

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No prerequisite courses are required.

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6 Lectures 00:29:39

2 Organization Chart
4 Course Introduction
5 Course Content
6 Project Control
Quiz General Quiz
10 Lectures 01:05:54
Schedule Management

Master schedule, baseline development, schedule update & maintenance, and delay analysis

1 Master Schedule
2 Baseline Development
3 Baseline Review
4 Schedule Update
5 Schedule Update Benefits
6 Schedule Update Procedure
7 Recovery Plan
8 Revised Plan
9 Submittals Schedule
10 Delay Analysis
Quiz Schedule Management
18 Lectures 01:59:18
Progress Tracking

Setting Key performance indicators KPIs, Earned value measurement, S-Curve, and Forecasting.

1 Metrics and KPIs
2 Common Sizing and Trend Analysis
3 Construction Metrics
4 Variance Vs Index
5 Develop your Own KPIs
6 EVM Inroduction
7 EVM Formulas
8 EVM Example (One Activity)
9 EVM Example (Multiple Activities)
10 EVM Calculation Using Percent Complete
11 EVM (Monthly Values)
12 S-Curve Development
13 Reflection on S-Curve
14 Total Float and SPI
15 Forecasting Methods
16 Forecasting Considering the Budgeted Rate
17 Forecasting Considering CPI
18 Forecasting Considering CPI and SPI
Quiz Progress Tracking
5 Lectures 00:23:15
Cost Management

Managing interim payment certificates IPCs, tracking and follow up the approval of variation orders

1 Interim Payment Certificate (IPC)
2 IPC Details
3 IPC Summary
4 IPC Registering
5 Registration of VOs and EOT Claims
Quiz Cost Management
13 Lectures 01:07:51
Keeping Records

OPA, project Info, correspondence log, submittals log, long lead items, NCR, FIR, MIR, progress photos, MOM.

1 DC Structure
2 PCS and DC
3 Sent Correspondence
4 Received Correspondence
5 Received Correspondence KPIs
6 Material Submittal Log
7 Material Submital Notes
8 Material Submittal KPIs
9 Non-Conformance Reports (NCR)
10 NCR KPIs and Graphs
11 Request for Information (RFI)
12 FIR and MIR
13 Stakeholders Log
Quiz Keeping Records
3 Lectures 00:17:59
Risks & Issues

Risk register, risk analysis, risk response plan, issue log, recommendations, issue vs risk.

1 Risks vs Issues
2 Issue Log
3 Risk Register
Quiz Risks & Issues
6 Lectures 00:53:44

Periodical reports, dashboards, variance analysis, meetings, presentations, e-mail, and informal requests.

1 Daily Reports
2 Monthly Report
3 Monthly Report Template
4 Variance Analysis
5 Other Forms of Communication
6 Course Closure
Quiz Communication

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115 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star

Gaber ELSayed Mohamed Ghanem

Very Excellent

ahmed hamdy said el daly

Majdi Alfadil Alnaiem

Ahmed Eltarras

Tarek Ali

Mohamed Abdelwahab

Salah Mohamed

Mostafa Elkadi

Mohammed Othman

Ahmed Zakaria Mohamed Nader

كورس ممتاز وملخص الموضوع بشكل كامل جميع المعلومات الموجودة بالكورس متعارف عليها للعاملين بمجال المشاريع ولكن المميز فى هذا الكورس هو جمعها فى مكان واحد فتعتبر مرجع يمكن البناء عليه خاصة بداية المشروعات لتوقع المعلومات اللى هتحتاجها اثناء ونهاية المشروع فيتم تسجيلها مبكر جدا الكورس لا يحتوى على اى مهارة معينه فى استخدام البريمافيرا او الاكسل او غيرة لكن عامة هنا مش مكانه واظن ان مش ده الهدف من الكورس فى النهاية الكورس يتسحق اكثر بكثير من سعرة وفعلا غني جدا بالمعلومات جزاك الله خيرا بشمهندس محمد

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